We aim to significantly reduce the number of used lead-acid batteries by creating a second life for them.

With a full serviced battery refurbishing facility in Singapore, and a dedicated team of power engineers, GreenBatt Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore) and the Battery Equaliser Co Ltd (USA) have successfully developed jointly in Q1 2009, a proprietary state-of-the-art system using internationally-patented additives, for this renewable energy resource.

Battery Equaliser holds the internationally-patented right to produce specialized additives that are able to enhance the performance and increase the life span of lead-acid batteries.

Together with GreenBatt Technologies’ Advanced Intelligent Refurbishing System, we are able to turn used batteries into working batteries once again, directly reducing lead-acid waste.

These scrap batteries will return to the market for use again after the refurbishing process. Our renewed batteries boast the capabilities to function in their original specifications and perform as good as new batteries.


The world is spending excessively on energy generation with massive waste proportions that further trigger global warming – one of the most troubling environmental issues facing the world today.

Lead-acid batteries, for example, are a good source of energy that can power everything from mobile phones to cars, to various parts of industry. But batteries also have the potential to be harmful to both our world and human health, and are considered hazardous waste products that need to be disposed of very carefully.

Singapore’s key strategies in waste management are to reduce, reuse and refurbish waste to mitigate its rapid accumulation, which if allowed to grow year on year, would mean more precious land (already a scarcity in the city-state) allocated to build waste disposal facilities.

In the Singapore Green Plan 2012, an initial target of 60% for the country’s recycling rate has already been set. All this is to avoid the need to create more landfill and the expensive building requirements thereafter, of more incineration plants.

But to achieve this, a lot more needs to be done starting from this very moment.

GreenBatt Technologies’ mission of refurbishing lead-acid batteries, will alleviate battery waste as thoroughly as possible, keeping these heavy metals out of landfills and water supplies. By creating an energy source that is recyclable, wastage is minimized and the energy source fully utilized and extended. So immediately, we have provisions for power that is at once efficient and responsible to the community in which we live in.

GreenBatt brings to the market cost-effective power solutions via recycled batteries, and serves corporations, governments, and households. The company was formed on the basis of creating a clean green environment for everyone, while producing an energy resource civilization so needs to move forward.

GreenBatt Technologies’ vision is to develop energy recycling to its optimum, so as to reduce and manage power waste, and benefit the communities we live in.
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